Nx Witness v4.2 has arrived.

Nx Witness VMS v4.2 is an iterative release focused on improved Desktop client performance and usability, and features to help you manage Systems from Nx Cloud more easily!

  • Redesigned PTZ Controls
  • Intel Quick Sync Video for Desktop
  • New Fisheye Lens Dewarping Options
  • More In-Camera Analytics Support
  • Nx Cloud New Features

Easy to use. LIGHT.

Nx Witness v4.2

Nx Witness VMS v4.2 is an iterative release focused on improved Desktop client performance and usability, and features to help you manage Systems from Nx Cloud more easily!

Nx Witness v4.2 Overview

8 new features and significant improvements in offline and cloud-based management capabilities.
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New Desktop / Server Features

Redesigned PTZ Controls • Intel Quick Sync Video for Desktop • New Fisheye Lens Dewarping Options • More In-Camera Analytics Support • Nx Cloud New Features 

Redesigned PTZ Controls

A new and improved way to control PTZ cameras that improves usability – especially in high latency situations with cameras that do not support advanced PTZ.

  • No more AIM overlay for improved visibility
  • A new click, drag, and release control makes it easier to control PTZ cameras in higher latency situations.
  • Advanced PTZ controls activates when SHIFT key is pressed.

Intel Quick Sync Video for Desktop

Intel® Quick Sync Video uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel® Graphics Technology to decode and encode video.

  • Improves the Desktop performance on low power hardware (e.g. Intel Atom, Celeron) 
  • Decode very high resolution (e.g. 16 MP, 32MP) cameras and streams.

New Fisheye Lens Dewarping Options

Improve fisheye dewarping precision by selecting the most suitable lens projection type for your fisheye cameras.

  • Equisolid
  • Equidistant
  • Stereographic

More In-Camera Analytics Support

New Advanced In-Camera Analytics Plugins have been introduced for the following manufacturers to allow users to capture object metadata / events for automations in the Rules Engine.

  • Bosch
  • Dahua
  • Hikvision (Thermal)
  • Provision
  • Vivotek

New Cloud Features

Manage your system devices (cameras, servers) in the Cloud • Manage Licenses • Manage Local Users

Manage Camera Settings

Operators with appropriate rights can now manage Camera Settings in Nx Witness Cloud, including:

  • Camera Orientation
  • Audio
  • Authentication
  • Motion Sensitivity

Manage Server Settings

Allows operators with appropriate rights to manage Server settings in Nx Witness Cloud.

  • Rename
  • Restart
  • Change port

Manage Licenses

Gives operators with appropriate rights the ability to manage Server settings in Nx Witness Cloud.manage Licenses in Nx Witness Cloud.

  • View the licenses list
  • Activate licenses

Manage Local Users

Operators with appropriate rights can now manage Local Users in Nx Witness Cloud.

  • Authentication
  • Name
  • Role

New Integrations Available in the Nx Integrations Ecosystem

Check out all the latest integrations in the Nx Integrations Ecosystem.

Cyberlink (Face Recognition)

CyberLink is a world leader in facial recognition and face attribute technologies. FaceMe® is a highly accurate AI engine – ranked one of the best in the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (VISA and WILD tests) for deployments across a wide range of industries and use cases.

Herta (Face Recognition)

Pioneers in facial recognition solutions, Herta develops security software, specializing in identifying crowds and their behaviors – like social distancing, occupancy control, mask detection, and subject identification – in real time via IP cameras.

Innovatrics SmartFace

SmartFace is a scalable facial recognition platform able to detect and track faces in parallel video streams from multiple IP cameras. The power of our high-quality facial recognition algorithms supports any instant identification scenario for access control, surveillance, video investigation, and other purposes.

VEZHA (Object & Behavior Recognition)

Incoresoft VEZHA™ is a full featured, full stack deep learning / AI driven computer vision platform capable of everything from face detection to like-object search. And it Works with Nx.

Improvements in Nx Witness v4.2

Update Packages Validated

Update packages are now validated before installing to prevent malware injection..

Secure Connections Default

”Allow only secure connections” (HTTPS traffic only) is turned on by default.

Camera Name and Time Overlay on Export

Camera name and time of export can now be overlaid onto footage when exporting video from the Export Dialog.

Camera Name on Snapshot

Camera name can now be overlaid when capturing a screenshot from a camera view.

Windows Media Player Friendliness

Archived video encoded with H.264 codec and exported to MP4 or AVI format can be played back in Windows Media Player.

Increased Pre / Post Recording options

The maximum value for pre-recording and post-recording actions in camera recording events can now be set up to 600 seconds.

The limitations for pre- and post-recording are changed in Camera Settings: 90s for pre-recording and 300s for post-recording.

Audio from All Devices on a LAyout

Added the ability to playback audio from all devices on the viewing grid / in a layout when using the Desktop Client.

Embedded Browser Now Saves Credentials

The embedded web browser in the Nx Witness Desktop Client now saves user credentials between browser sessions.

Video Wall License - no concurrent user limitation

Removed the limitation on Video Wall licenses that prevented more than one active direct control session at a time.

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